Language, Pain, Words

The power of words

Words care little about their duty; they are a medium, they allow us to convey ideas, emotions, and help us communicate efficiently without any confusion or chaos. Words can influence us, encourage us or just as quickly bring us to tears.

When we put words on a page, they instantly become alive and gain the ability to surpass our lifespan and timelessly influence man for generations to come.

With words, we can reflect on the past, make promises to the future and settle our disputes with the present.

Words can defuse a situation, or worsen it– something as small as a fight between a couple or the difference between a bomb going off during a hostage situation.


Words are powerful and can act as primers to illicit certain actions and emotions in people. A good example of this would be the language health professionals use to communicate with their patients – depending on the context, this can add to the patient’s experience, sometimes for the good, sometimes for the bad.

The words we use to describe our wellbeing have an impact on us; they become labels  to which we attach our experience, and eventually become our reality in a self-fulfilling manner.

There is a famous saying that goes like this; “it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it” – not entirely correct. It is a combination of what we say and how we say it – or, write it. Words have immense power and influence, and whether we are about to send a text to a friend or consult with a client, it’ll pay to think about the words we use.


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